An eclectic group of solo performance artists dedicated to storytelling on stage in a way
that moves, touches and inspires our audience.
My name is Stacy Ann Raposa and I teach a class called Bare Naked Angels.
After two semesters of an experimental theater class at USC, I fell in love with the art of solo performance. I joined a theatre company after I graduated and talked to anyone who would listen about doing a solo performance show. I assembled a cast, held meetings in my living room, and in April of 2006, Bare Naked Angels was born.

Since then, BNA has evolved into a teachable method that, as one of my students put it, should be "required" for every actor. Although what I teach is unique, it compliments any and all acting techniques and philosophies, making it an invaluable tool for any artist.​

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What is Bare Naked Angels?
Bare Naked Angels is a four-month process
that teaches the student how to create
their own solo autobiographical piece
through writing, exercises and group discussion.