An eclectic group of solo performance artists dedicated to storytelling on stage in a way
that moves, touches and inspires our audience.
People like us! Here is what some cast and audience members have to say about Bare Naked Angels.​


"I have never felt more alive creatively. BNA is the most significant thing I have done as an artist."
-Wade, Bare Naked Angels V: Angels Undone

"I felt like a rock star after I did BNA"
-Hanny, Bare Naked Angels: Angels Unleashed and Bare Naked Angels II: Angels Unmasked

"If I have or have gained any credibility as an artist it is because of Bare Naked Angels. It taught me to be transparent. It taught me to be honest. It taught me that art could be a mirror and a hammer all at once. It gave me the courage to never apologize for expressing myself truthfully. It was, without any doubt, one of the most important artistic decisions of my life."
-Sergio, Bare Naked Angels: Angels Unleashed

"I was blown away by the concept"
-Dodd, Bare Naked Angels V: Angels Undone, Bare Naked Angels VI: Angels Unscrewed and Bare Naked Angels VII: Angels Unveiled

"I felt like I could conquer the world"
-Andrew, Bare Naked Angels: Angels Unleashed and Bare Naked Angels III: Angels Uncovered

"I felt like I moved a mountain"
-Jennifer, Bare Naked Angels III: Angels Uncovered


"I was so moved; I had never been touched that way by a piece of theatre."
"I'm speechless!"
"I got chills!"
"It's genius!"
"Intelligent, raw, honest and completely entertaining"
"[BNA] freakin rocked. I loved it!"
"Dynamic, interesting and polished"
"Watching this made me thankful to be a human being"